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Yantee Selamat PropNex

I am Yantee Selamat, a property agent with PropNex. Started in year 2010 part time and became a full time property agent since 2015 till date

My mission is to assist clients in their house hunting journey for them to get their dream home. Working out their financial plan is my topmost priority.

My strength is that I feel responsible to understand my client's needs and situation and will assist them in the best possible way. Though challenging, I take it in stride for the passion of my job and my will to serve the community. 


PropNex is a strong believer in providing continuous training for Propnexians agents in order for us to serve our clients better.

I have to continuously upgrade myself and be knowledgeable in many areas as we encounter clients facing different problems or in various financial situations. So I have to be well equipped in experience and knowledge to ensure that I'm giving the best advice for the benefit of my clients.


My number of transactions increase gradually every year, as my clients gain confidence in my service and through recommendations. These words of thanks from my clients give me encouragement and satisfaction in my job, knowing that I have made an impact in someone's lives, their family and their future.


View my entire list of positive reviews, testimonials and track records here :



For newly weds looking for a crib, whether a BTO, resale, EC etc. Yantee Selamat Guarantee Selamat. I will be happy to assist you in your journey in finding the right home and start a family. 


HDB units For Sale

    • Housing grants up to $120k for 1st timer buyer
    • Proximity housing grants up to $30k for upgraders/downgraders. For those who wish to stay near parents OR parents who wants to stay near their married child OR parents who will be staying together
    • Grants for single buyers (age 35years and above) (Single, Additional Housing Grants & Proximity housing grant)

 Need a more detailed explaination before commiting on your selling & purchase of your Home? Be it HDB Resale, Executive Condo or Private, I will be happy to meet up over coffee. No obligation.

Call: +65 93854777

Yantee Selamat Propnex, R027262D









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