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Fariss Haiqel PropNex

I am Fariss Haiqel, TPA (The People's Agent).  I specialise mainly in Bt. Batok/Bt. Panjang/Choa Chu Kang with 90% of my personal transactions done here.

I am well-known among co-broking agents, residents and team mates and well-versed in the abovementioned estates.

I will be pleased to offer you a wide variety of services ranging from property advices, upcoming market trends, realtime property transaction prices, advice on bank sale, divorce cases, and free-of-charge financial summary of existing property.

I am confident to meet your desired needs for the Sale and Purchase of your HDB/Private apartment in ensuring a smooth transaction (Well-versed in Timeline for Contra or Back-To-Back Deal aka Buy/Sell Concurrently).

My team and I have transacted more than 150 units in Bt. Batok/Bt. Panjang/Choa Chu Kang with proven track records. Engage the service of one, get the whole dedicated team to serve you.

Bear in mind that in such a challenging market, getting the RIGHT agent is extremely important to give you a detailed market analysis base on the cluster you are residing or intend to purchase to ensure you sell/buy at the RIGHT price.

In my pursuit to serve you better, I have put together a proven marketing plan to serve your needs. Call me to find out more! 94509097.




Sellers are entitled to:

  1. Free Bank indication for your house
  2. Extensive newspaper advertising & full-fledged internet marketing
  3. Comprehensive CoBroking System
  4. In-Depth personal financial analysis
  5. Highest possible resale price ever achieved!(Record breaking resale prices)
  6. Immediate value added service assured

 Buyers are entitled to:

  1. Free In-Depth personal financial analysis
  2. Immediate value added service assured
  3. Free Extensive List of current available units for your immediate comparative market consideration and analysisn

If you have ANY enquiries, feel free to call or text me. It will be my utmost pleasure to be of assistance to you.

I provide utmost service to clients in order to achieve customer satisfaction and ultimately to create a WIN WIN situation between my clients and me.

Call me at 94509097 to arrange for a free-of-charge and non-obligatory discussion.


Fariss (TPA)
Hp 94509097
CEA Reg R057039J





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