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Family Secret Recipes since 1969 back in kampong days in Ceylon Road.

Our first business started since 2008 till date. Our recipes are inherited since 1969, popular in Ceylon Road where the cooking was done by my late grandfather and his friends. Only myself, Mohd Yusoff, his only grandson who inherited his recipes. Create a wedding celebration with the 3rd generation of our family line, running events with the help of our dedicated wedding planners who can tap into various ideas.

A wedding should be as unique as each individual couple. Be it a lavish affair involving hundreds of guests, or just a private moment shared with family and close friends, our experienced wedding team is on hand to advise on menus, decorations, and more, catering to your every need to ensure that your guests will be treated to a celebration like no other. 


We have done all kinds of weddings & events from small to big functions. We also have all in 1 wedding package inclusive of designer decorations & etc. 

 We are qualified caterer by NEA which covers food & hygiene to produce freshness in our dishes, high in aroma bringing your dream wedding comes true in quality of our customized spices, long grain Basmati rice and other ingredients that we use. The quality and experienced company you can trust. 


MSW works with various wedding venues and provide various wedding packages to suit your budget as well. Namely - The Dome @ Al Wehdah, Aroma Kampong @ Joo Chiat Complex and Hotel Re! For smaller pax (100-300pax) we also work with PKMS building ballroom at level 2.

Special wedding packages & slots are filling up for 2020 & 2021 while limited slots are still available for 2019.

Our stall is at Karamah Firdaus Marine Terrace Blk 50A #01-303 - Halalan Toyibban Mubarakkan. You can enjoy our daily foods here.


We also take in orders for family / corporate functions, briyani dulang, and many more.

Follow us in our FB: Mohd Yusoff & IG: Mahligai Sari


or contact directly at 94554969 for DISCOUNTED RATES







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