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FD is eyeing on the bigger regional and international market of showcasing local and foreign SMEs and talents.

From just being a catering company, FD has managed to cover much ground in events planning, having organized its flagship event Jalan Jalan Makan Makan 2017 at Marina Bay Sands with a 2018 Raya Edition!

Farah Diana Catering & Wedding Services continues to provide their clients with tip top catering service. Their competitive wedding packages rates includes decor and more. Now its promotional package even comes with holiday tickets for 2 to Krabi / Bali.  Do check out their growth in their FB / IG or their website

Wedding Package Promo!

1000 jemputan $13,000
500 jemputan $11,500 inclusive of e following:

Kerusi, meja, khemah dapur, tandas, pinggan mangkuk, mkn

* mlm sabtu 50 org w drinks
* mkn nikah 100 org
* sarapan pagi 20 org

Pelamin, ceiling deco with wall wrap (max 10), arch, red carpet, walking aisle, chair cover with ribbon, tabletop, centerpiece

*Berkat nasi 100pkt
*pencuci pinggan mangkuk (1 day)
*Kendarat (1 day) 
*1 live station (max 4hr)
*org rewang

As for e menu, we have varieties of menu for you to choose, examples as follow:

Nasi briyani / Nasi Putih
Mee hoon
Ayam masak merah
Daging briyani (Lembu)
Sambal goring pengantin
Udang Sambal

Minuman: 2 sejok & 2 panas

Pencuci Mulut : 1 bubur,1 cake,anggur, 2 kueh melayu & 2 pastries

Promotion : Ticket for 2 to Krabi / Bali & Cash Shopping Money

Whatsapp 91079792 now for appointment!!



Office: Katong Shopping Centre Singapore 437844

Tel: +65 9107 9792

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 






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