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Make your favourite Disney fairy tales come alive with creative catering and culinary offerings for beautiful, joyous wedding celebrations. 

Rasel Catering Singapore, the artisans of joy in the bridal catering business, launches new wedding themes for beautiful and joyous celebrations in 2018/2019. Tapping on current wedding trends, favourite Disney fairy tales and creative catering ideas, Rasel Catering Singapore continues to enthral newly-weds with thoughtful selections that make their matrimonial event stand out. 


1. Enchanted Blue (Cinderella)

If your love story looks like a classic Cinderella fairy tale, the Enchanted Blue theme adds a whimsical element of enchantment to the wedding reception. With sparkly bejewelled toppers, romantic sapphire florals and tiffany blue touches, brides-to-be can channel the timeless elegance of their all- time favourite Disney princess. Newly-weds can also hire the iconic Cinderella carriage at SGD800.00 (SGD856.00 inclusive of GST) to add to the fairy tale experience.

2. Garden (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Taking cues from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, newly-weds can celebrate the start of blessed beginnings, new hope and an even brighter future together with Garden theme. Filled with beautiful accent pieces, floral chandeliers, blooming vases and earthy table settings, bridal couples can add a magical touch to a traditional wedding, creating lasting memories with a woodland fairy tale. 

3. Backyard Romance (Sleeping Beauty)

For die-hard romantics longing for a stylish yet feminine wedding set-up, the Backyard Romance theme takes a leaf from Sleeping Beauty. Inspired by Princess Aurora’s lush forest settings, a mixture of antique furniture and floral garlands come together to bump up the vintage factor. Understated metallic touches, overgrown floral elements and pastel pink colours further sprinkle love into the air. For a modern and elegant touch, newly-weds can also include a round floral wedding arch at an additional SGD1,200.00 (SGD1,284.00 inclusive of GST). 

4. Rose Garden (Beauty and the Beast)

Treat your wedding guests to a magical celebration of love and passion with the Rose Garden theme. Gathering inspiration from Beauty and the Beast, a medley of striking ruby hues, classic red rose bouquets and golden bird cage accessories encapsulate a perfect happily ever after. With dramatic candle pieces, everyone’s favourite Lumière makes a cameo, adding instant opulence and decadence to every Disney fan’s dream wedding.

 *Editorial disclaimer: Please note that Rasel Catering Singapore’s Wedding Themes are not intended to be a Disney princess wedding.



Working closely with a network of official venue partners such as Gardens by the Bay, Sky Garden, Kidzania, The Arts House and The Chapel @ Imaginarium, Rasel Catering Singapore has a wide range of creative catering ideas to choose from.

1. International Cuisines

From Crème Brûlée to Fried Shrimp Gyoza, Gula Melaka to Pandan Kueh Ko Swee, Traditional Bread and Butter Pudding and many more, newly-weds can design a customised menu that suits all cultures and tickles every taste bud.

2. DIY Stations

Cooking is always fun. With DIY food stations, children and those young at heart can shake their own mocktails, build their own burgers, and even scoop their own ice-creams and stack waffles at the dessert table.

3. Farm to Table

Health-conscious newly-weds can choose from locally sourced produce, organic ingredients and vegan options to impress their guests. Popular crowd pleasers include wholegrain pastas, vegetarian dishes, fresh juices and gourmet comfort foods like Sous Vide Chicken and Walnut Brownies, just to name a few.

With menus starting from SGD18.00 per pax (SGD19.26 inclusive of GST), wedding specialists at Rasel Catering Singapore will also ensure that all the details from linens to floral arrangements and venues are well taken care of.

Since 1997, Rasel Catering Singapore is committed to offering premium halal dining experiences at corporate events, weddings and several other joyous occasions. With past industry recognition at the Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016, it has now grown to carve a niche as a renowned name in the catering business. 


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