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SPA for ladies/Muslimah -Facial & Body

$ 85.00
SPA for ladies/Muslimah -Facial & BodySPA for ladies/Muslimah -Facial & BodySPA for ladies/Muslimah -Facial & Body


Welcome to Muslimah Facial SPA services in this Ads space of
We have several SPA packages to offer you keep up with wellness , helps in relaxing & body healing and beautify lovely faces. Our Our SPA packages serves you according to your budget and needs

SPA Orchid
Sauna bath
Ginger wrap
Deep cleanse facial

SPA Senja
Sauna bath
Body massage with Guasa stroke
Anti-aging facial (30min)

Sauna bath
Body Scrub (lulur/himalaya salt)
Detox Bath Massage
Glow Facial (40min)

SPA Lavender
Sauna Lavender Aroma
Body Scrub (lulur/himalaya salt)
Detox Bath Massage with Lavender
Deep Cleanse facial (60min)

SPA Bridal
Sauna Aromatherapy
Body (Lulur /Himalaya salt)
Detox Bath Massage
Mandi Aura Seri Bunga ( soak Bath)
Vaginal steam
Radiant Facial

Services are available at Muslimah Palace Hair Salon . Blk 26 Teck Whye Lane.
Whatsapp to 83870301 for reservation and prices.


Contact Person: Jumi
Company: Palace Muslimah Hair Beauty
Mobile: 83870301
Phone: 83870301
Website / FB:
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