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D'Classique The Show Band



Bunga rampai harum mewangi,
Diracik oleh anak Pak Azmi.
Ayuh, apa tunggu-tunggu lagi?
Segeralah anda hubungi kami.

Ali / Rini
8312 3278


D’Classique The Show Band (DC) was formed in 2010 with hand picked members. With only 1 wedding gig per year for 3 consecutive years, DC eventually picked up with the addition of new members and was entrusted to few more wedding gigs and national events.

Fast forward to the 2018, DC has been an integral part of the Singapore’s wedding bands industry.

To date, we are humbled and blessed to have a young team with a deep passion for music. Generally focusing on the Malay songs of 50s – 80s (traditional, mambo and Pop genre), we are opening up our music spectrum to English, Hindi, Arab, Mandarin & other Chinese dialects. This partly makes up DC unique selling point (USP).

DC aims to cater to the need of our clients and always stressed the importance of good entertainment value in each and every perfomance.

DC also hopes to be on par with other bands and add colours to the existing entertainment industry.



Contact Person: D'Classique
Company: D'Classique The Show Band
Mobile: 83123278
Phone: 83123278
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