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Amaryllis Wedding Showcase

Amaryllis Wedding ShowcaseAmaryllis Wedding ShowcaseAmaryllis Wedding ShowcaseAmaryllis Wedding ShowcaseAmaryllis Wedding Showcase


So you have decided to "tie-the-knot" and wondering where to begin? What to do? Who to consult? Etc.. etc..

To hold a wedding during this pandemic is definitely not a "piece of cake" therefore here at A2 Management, we will try to be in-line with you without the hefty price tag so you can fatten your wallet.

We too understood it is an awfully large gamble to spend heavily given the price with only 100 attendees who could witness your joyous event hence, ipso facto, INTIMACY Wedding.

From Mass to Intimacy,
From Bento to Plating,
From Void Deck to Ballroom,
From Tables to Dais,
From Catering to Decor,
From Coordinator to Service Crew,
From Amaryllis to Istana,
We've got you covered.

January 16th and 17th, Our colleague at A2 will definitely answer your "where", "what" and "who".

Lunch on us.


Contact Person: A2 Weddings & Events Management
Company: A2 Management
Mobile: 81576229
Phone: 98248561
Website / FB:
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