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Exclusive Songket Moneybox

Exclusive Songket Moneybox ( / Gubahan Hantaran)

Introducing MR GENTLEMAN Ang Pau Box / Wedding Money Box. A must for every wedding reception, this i[...]
Contact Person: Mr Gentleman GroomStylist
Company: Mr Gentleman GroomStylist Oppak Andam Style
Mobile: 82282412
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from Mr Gentleman GroomStylist
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Gubahan hantaran, tepak sirih, sirih dara & more!

Gubahan hantaran, tepak sirih, sirih dara & more! ( / Gubahan Hantaran)

Tak perlu pening-pening untuk majlis anda.. Kami dari amaryllis wedding and catering services senti[...]
Contact Person: Amaryllis Wedds
Company: Amaryllis Wedding and Catering Services
Mobile: 91134644
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from Amaryllis Wedds
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All kinds of wedding decor & gubahan by HAQ Wedding Services

All kinds of wedding decor & gubahan by HAQ Wedding Services ( / Gubahan Hantaran)

We do all sorts of wedding decor / gubahan including sireh dara, money box, hantaran gubahan, bunga [...]
Contact Person: Hanim Rawi
Company: HAQ Wedding Services
Mobile: 93877022
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from Hanim Rawi
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Affordable Hantaran Gubahan Service

Affordable Hantaran Gubahan Service ( / Gubahan Hantaran)

Hantaran Gubahan Service Colours and theme can be customised according to your theme colours Cheap[...]
Contact Person: Yatie
Company: J.Ladaina
Mobile: 82253533
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from Yatie
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Handmade & Customized Products by Divaforall

Handmade & Customized Products by Divaforall ( / Gubahan Hantaran)

We do lots of traditional products for your wedding. From the traditional Halal & auspicious Pulu[...]
Contact Person: Divaforall
Company: Divaforall
Mobile: 90294356
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from Divaforall
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