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Cinta Abadi Marriage Preparation Course for Year 2020

Cinta Abadi Marriage Preparation Course for Year 2020Cinta Abadi Marriage Preparation Course for Year 2020


So, you are set to get married this year. Congratulations! Have you signed up for our upcoming marriage preparation course yet? No time for it?? You have time. Believe me. We all do...especially for the things that we value. Here are 3 reasons why I believe you should attend a marriage preparation course like ours even when you’re the busiest couple in Singapore.

1. It Lessens Arguments In The Future.
Taking the class doesn’t eliminate painful discussions you’ll certainly have with your spouse in the future BUT it will lessen them as you will learn skills and knowledge that will equip you with how to manage conflicts, differences and arguments.

2. It Provides Inspiration.
Common married couple issues will be highlighted and discussed to provide couples with realistic expectations about married life and how to manage relationships more effectively and positively.

3. It Opens Up Discussions You Wouldn’t Think Of Having with Your Partner.
This course encourages the couple to share their convictions, expectations and concerns about marriage with each other through couple discussions. You may have asked your fiancé about what he/she thinks of marriage. That’s great! But that is a very general question. However, through our carefully flashed out, real-scenario questions, our marriage preparation classes are able to bring out specific thoughts from both of you. One question that you’d probably find sensitive to talk about before marriage is “How often do we have to see your parents and my parents in a month or how much time and money must I contribute to the marriage as your life partner in our marriage?” Having someone else - the trainer or counsellor at the class, ask this of both of you lessens the stigma of your being prejudiced.

Sign up for our 2-day Cinta Abadi or 1-day Fast Track Marriage Preparation Course at Special New Year course fees for the Month of January course dates.


Contact Person: Marriage Preparation Course Trainer Coach Rasimah Jar
Company: Ace Asia Pte. Ltd.
Mobile: 91451182
Phone: 65898455
Website / FB:
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