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Live E-PreMarriage Course 19th Sept 2020

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$ 197.00
Live E-PreMarriage Course 19th Sept 2020


Before you register at ROMM, come attend this course to qualify for the booking requirements.
^ MSF-ROMM appointed and trainers with 30 years of experience
^ Course is in English.
^ Certificate and Notes will be mailed over upon completion of Live Session with Trainer.

Who is suitable for this course?
** Mature Busy Professionals
** Self Directed Learner Couples
** Long Distance Relationships
** ROMM Solemnizations

It offers you the renowned
1) Pre class (1 hour)
~Prepare & Enrich assessment; an evident based tool
ie tested to be close to accurate.
The course includes a Downloadable Report.
Prepare & Enrich measures couple's strength and growth area in areas of communication, conflict resolution, gender roles, intimacy, finance and couple/family scales.
This inventory is widely used in Singapore and the world.
Over 200,000 couple have gained benefit from this exercise.

2) Experienced & MSF-ROMM Certified Trainer Live e-Presentation
(4 hours)
Covers the essentials of Happiness Paradigm, Conflict Management, Marriage Expectations, Islamic perspective of Marriage - Akad Nikah, Taklik & Divorce

3) Private Session with Trainer -Consultation
(30 minutes, by appointment & optional)

Promotional offer at $197/- per couple
(Normal fee is$300/-)


Contact Person: BDMI Marriage Course for ROMM
Company: Bio Dew Management International & Institute (BDMI)
Mobile: 91071924
Phone: 66858204
Website / FB:
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