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4oz Coffee Mobile Coffee Cart

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$ 250.00
4oz Coffee Mobile Coffee Cart4oz Coffee Mobile Coffee Cart4oz Coffee Mobile Coffee Cart4oz Coffee Mobile Coffee Cart


4oz Coffee provides its mobile coffee cart service to any event under the sun! Wedding celebrations, corporate seminars, roadshows, baby showers, birthday parties – it all falls under the spectrum of events we can push our mobile coffee cart to. Wherever our coffee cart fits, we will be there.

Most events only provide coffee in large dispensers or automatic coffee machines. The coffees end up lacking taste and are often bland. So if you’re looking for new and fresh ideas to improve your events, make them ones that stand out with a mobile coffee cart service from 4oz Coffee. Our unique selling point is providing specialty coffee experience in dosages suitable for our local climate and promoting healthier choices in coffee consumption by promoting the use of organic and clean coffee.


Contact Person: Sharizan Salim
Company: Managed by PINHOLEFOTO UEN53396275K
Mobile: 90279787
Website / FB:
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