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Don't dream only about owning a home, let's make it happen.



*D19, OLA Branded EC*

Virtual Viewing via Zoom can be arranged.

Location : Anchorvale Crescent
Est TOP: Dec 2023
Total Units : 548 units*

*Unit Type*
2 Bedroom (775 sqft)
3 Bedroom (926-947 sqft)
3 Bedroom Deluxe (1,001 sqft)
3 Bedroom Premium (1,055 sqft)
4 Bedroom (1389 sqft)
5 Bedroom PH (1722 sqft)

Contact me for appt or e-application @98803770

Raina Husin
HP: 98803770
Developer Project Team


Don't dream only about owning a home, let's make it happen.

Have you been toying with your tots abt owning a private property?
Can I afford it?
How much I need to pay the deposit?
Can my income able to sustain my lifestyle after my upgrade?
Do I have enough saving to pay my mortgages in case I out of job?
Will there be mortgages cash top up?
I want to give the BEST for my family.
I'm sure that owning a Private Property can give better retirement...

If above are few questions that has been playing in your mind, drop me a text at 98803770


Contact Person: Raina Husin
Company: Propnex
Mobile: 9880 3770
Website / FB:
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