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Let me help find you a home

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Let me help find you a homeLet me help find you a homeLet me help find you a homeLet me help find you a homeLet me help find you a home


Assuring Trusted Services
If you have questions about credit or legal matters, buying or selling, you can trust me to find you what you need fast. I'll make sure you feel confident and educated every step of the way.

I will do my utmost best in assisting clients in the sales and purchase of their house with honesty and integrity, and with smooth and proper handover of the houses.

My services have been well conveyed from words of mouth from our past and existing clients with testimonials to proof their satisfaction on my professional work.

Call for a non obligatory discussion with me!

Senior Associate Marketing Director
HP: 9093 5858
FB: SalenaSg Properties
CEA: R011250C


Contact Person: Salena Zaiton
Company: Propnex
Mobile: 90935858
Website / FB:
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