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1 or 2 tier weddings cakes

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1 or 2 tier weddings cakes1 or 2 tier weddings cakes1 or 2 tier weddings cakes1 or 2 tier weddings cakes1 or 2 tier weddings cakes


Hi everyone!

during this period of time, many couples would still love to have their wedding to go on,, but with the number of guest they are allowed to invite,, many would prefer smaller wedding cakes.

Babybatrisyia Delitez is now opening orders for wedding cakes of 1 or 2 tiers !

We will also have packages for couples who are looking to get cake for exchange gift, door gifts for ure guests and also ure own wedding cake!

For more enquires,, do drop us a pm or u may even ws at 88778572 ( isti )


Contact Person: Babybatrisyia Delitezz
Company: Babybatrisyia Delitezz
Mobile: 88778572
Website / FB:
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