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Weddings at Orchard Hotel Singapore

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Weddings at Orchard Hotel SingaporeWeddings at Orchard Hotel SingaporeWeddings at Orchard Hotel SingaporeWeddings at Orchard Hotel SingaporeWeddings at Orchard Hotel Singapore


Turn your dream wedding into a reality with Orchard Hotel Singapore!

Dream weddings in Singapore do come true at Orchard Hotel Singapore where fine cuisine, indulgent themes and excellent banquet facilities are available for you.

With a convenient location and an elegant pillar-less Grand Ballroom that can hold up to 100 tables and ample space that seats up to 1500 people, Orchard Hotel Singapore offers the best hotel wedding banquet in Singapore for your big day.

Backed by state-of-the-art technology, our dedicated team of catering professionals will see to your every need and preferences. The Bridal Suite spells splendour. At the end of the fulfilling day, Retreat to your well-appointed Suite with special bed set, turn down service and luxurious amenities.

At Orchard Hotel Singapore, we'll ensure that every wedding experience with us will be distinctly special.


NOTE: Effective from 31st December 2010, The Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) officially certifies that the Asian Kitchen @ Orchard Hotel prepares food and drinks that are HALAL to Muslim according to Islamic Law. -


For enquiries on our Malay Wedding Lunch Package at Orchard Hotel Singapore please call +65 6739 6572
or email to



Contact Person: Abdul Halim Hafizuddin
Company: Orchard Hotel Singapore
Mobile: 8113 3612
Phone: 6739 6572
Website / FB:
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