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Organza Drawstring Pouch/Organza Bag

$ 0.15
Organza Drawstring Pouch/Organza BagOrganza Drawstring Pouch/Organza Bag


Material: Organza
9cm (length) by 12cm (height) ($0.18)
10cm (length) by 15cm (height) ($0.20)
13cm (length) by 18cm (height) ($0.25)
16cm (length) by 22cm (height) ($0.30)
20cm (length) by 30cm (height ($0.35)
25cm (length) by 35cm (height) ($0.40)
Price is for one pc

1. Please allow 0.5-1cm allowance error due to manual measurement.
2. The sizes given are for the total size of the bag including the area above the drawstring.
3. When calculating the holding space, please remember to exclude the area above the drawstring.
4. A slight colour difference may arise between photos and real items due to lighting effects and monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc.


Contact Person: Angie Chia
Company: Grand Clover International Pte Ltd
Mobile: 9126 9791
Website / FB:
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