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Premium Ajwa Dates for Wedding Favors / Berkat

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Premium Ajwa Dates for Wedding Favors / BerkatPremium Ajwa Dates for Wedding Favors / BerkatPremium Ajwa Dates for Wedding Favors / BerkatPremium Ajwa Dates for Wedding Favors / BerkatPremium Ajwa Dates for Wedding Favors / Berkat


We supply custom design wedding favours/berkat with dates as the content.

Thinking of special wedding favors for your guests?

Stand out from the normal wedding favors and give your guests something that everyone will love.

We provide favor packs that are customizable and suitable for weddings, special occasions, parties and corporate clients. You may choose from the variety of design and colours with a personal touch that will say the favor is from you to them.

If you prefer your own packaging, we are still able to provide you the contents as a bulk/wholsesale.

We ensure our products are always of exclusive and premium quality, with the best rates, so you can allocate your budget with ease.

Our special favor for your guests are variety of dates such as:

- Safawi Dates
- Ajwa Dates
- Sukariyya Dates
- Medjool Dates
- Sidr Yemeni Honey

You may like to visit our website to hear about our customers feedback.

Congratulations in your next chapter in life, and we hope to be apart of your special celebration :)

Contact us at:
Call/Whatsapp: +65-98755552
Premium Ajwa Aliyah Dates
Renowned for its healing and anti-cancer properties, Ajwa is in a league of its own. Dark colored with fine white lines, Ajwa Aliyah dates have a distinctive flavor and subtle sweetness.

Introducing our Premium Royal Ajwa Aliyah dates (big size/soft) - handpicked from deserts of Arabia from trusted, sustainable and ethical farms.

Royal Ajwa Aliyah Dates - The most expensive, tastiest and highest quality of dates in the world.

PM us if you like to make an order at
or WA: +65-98755552


Contact Person: Hendra Harjuna
Company: Singapore Ajwa Dates
Mobile: 98755552
Website / FB:
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