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Kursus Perkahwinan - Marriage Preparation Course

$ 140.00
Kursus Perkahwinan - Marriage Preparation CourseKursus Perkahwinan - Marriage Preparation CourseKursus Perkahwinan - Marriage Preparation CourseKursus Perkahwinan - Marriage Preparation CourseKursus Perkahwinan - Marriage Preparation Course


We provide a choice of 2-days CINTA ABADI or a 1-day FOREVER LOVE Fast Track Marriage Preparation Course to help engaged couples or those exploring the possibility of marriage build strong foundations for their future together before they embark on their beautiful marital journey together.

Join our highly interactive, fun, current and proven effective Marriage Preparation course and let us guide you towards equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills in building a lasting and loving marriage.

How are we different from other course providers?
* Smaller Class Size. This means more personalised experience and interaction with Coach Rasimah and also your partner and coursemates.
* Interweaves of Islamic values and relevant yet simple to apply psychological concepts/techniques from with proven effective marital practice that will enhance deeper awareness and understanding on relationships, couple-hood and marriage through fun experiential/ hands-on activities.
* You get to pick the brain of the GEREK/SWAG trainer, internationally-Certified Relationship Coach-Trainer and Psychology Lecturer, Rasimah Jar who comes with decades of training, counselling, therapy and coaching experience working with married couples, families and individuals in areas of marriage, love, relationship and family life not only locally but also internationally. She was also a guest speaker to some of Mediacorp's Infotainment TV shows and a Resident Coach for Radio RIA 89.7FM's weekly Talk Show for 2 years in relationship issues and personal enhancement. Happily married for 21+ years to the same man, she is THE GO-TO person to increase your understanding on HOW to build and manage your love and marriage happily together.
* 2-years FREE marriage consultation with Coach Rasimah Jar, if you need to seek her advice after you have attended the course.
* Many other trade secrets/value-added tips and skills from Coach Rasimah on HOW to manage your relationship together as well as yourself as husband/wife and father/mother to your future children (including parenting).

What will you learn in the workshop?
You will discover practical tools/tips and knowledge to help you build the foundations for a lasting and loving marriage. Topics we will cover, amongst others are:
- Mental & Emotional Preparation before Marriage
- Building your shared and individual goals, values and dreams
- Planning and managing your individual, couple & family money habits and finances
- Developing a good sexual relationship & maintaining intimacy
- Making each other feel loved, safe, respected & appreciated
- The importance of spending time together and nurturing your friendship in each other
- Managing and resolving conflict
- Learning the art of communication and mastering it
- How to recognize, appreciate and put your differences to good use
- Learning the importance of commitment, honesty and transparency in relationship
- How to win the heart of your in-laws and love them like your own family
- How to avoid divorce and many more...


Witty - Lively - Funny - Friendly - Candid - Experienced
A teaching style that couples enjoy & love so much!

Visit to learn more or call 91451182 for enquiry.


Contact Person: Marriage Preparation Course Trainer Coach Rasimah Jar
Company: Ace Asia Pte. Ltd.
Mobile: 91451182
Phone: 65898455
Website / FB:
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