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KravKings Livestations

KravKings LivestationsKravKings LivestationsKravKings LivestationsKravKings LivestationsKravKings Livestations


Hello all !! Looking for live station for weddings events? Why not try our waffle ice cream booth ! We have delicious crispy outside and soft inside waffles waiting for you! Have it with your choice of ice cream and topped it of with your favourite toppings ! Hhhmmm so yumm!

Dont wait any longer people,
Book your slots now to avoid dissapointment! We have special discounts waiting just for you! DM us or whatsapp us for more enquiry ok!

•Office Fuctions
•School events
•Many more.. !

Whatsapp +65 96209726 / +65 92323975
100% Muslim Owned!
Reg: 53369324A #kravkings


Contact Person: Kravkings
Company: Kravkings
Mobile: 96209726
Phone: 92323975
Website / FB:
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