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Fariss Haiqel - The People's Agent

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Fariss Haiqel - The People


Enquiry on Valuation of Your Property
We can give a professional estimate of the valuation of your property upon enquiry at 94509097

Financial Summary
Call or drop a message to request a financial breakdown/summary on proceedings of the sale of your property or the funding/budgeting of the purchase of your next property

Enquiry on current available listings
Call or drop a message to enquire our list of available listings for sale/rent

Free consultation
Call or drop a message to arrange a free consultation session

Buy/Sell/Rent your property with The Peoples Agent.
We provide free consultation, non-obligatory property advice, financial summary, estimated valuation.


Contact Person: Fariss Haiqel
Company: Propnex
Mobile: 94509097
Website / FB:
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